Why Use a Personal Trainer?

For professional guidance, motivation and guaranteed results in health and fitness.

Personal Training is for anyone who: 

• Has failed in the past to lose weight or improve their fitness and health.

• Has spent thousands of dollars on expensive exercise equipment or gym memberships and got little or no results.

• Is unhappy with their current body shape, weight, fitness or health.

• Wants to improve their performance for a particular sport.

• Wants to become more active and have more energy.

When choosing a personal trainer it is not always a good idea to choose one on price alone.

I personally asked about 100 of my clients why they employed my services. With only one or two exceptions everyone else said that the reason they wanted a trainer was the only way they would do the work that was required to achieve their health and fitness goals. They said that if they made an appointment with someone that they liked and respected they would turn up. If they were left on their own to exercise or eat sensibly they knew they would only last a few weeks before throwing in the towel and returning to their old habits.

Really good trainers have a loyal client base and are busy because they are good at achieving great results for their clients. Therefore they charge more for their service. It’s the old saying “ You get what you pay for”.

Don’t fall into the trap that if they are cheaper, that you can go more often, a cheaper price doesn’t guarantee experience and results. You only have one body, trust it to a trainer who has experience, a proven track record and knowledge.

Don’t be afraid to interview your trainer, ask questions about their qualifications, how long have they been training people, are they adequately insured, do they understand your needs, have they experience in what you are trying to achieve. Ask to see references from other clients to check reliability and if they’re trustworthy. Do you have a rapport with the trainer, do you feel comfortable talking openly about your lifestyle. You don’t have to be best friends, but you do need to trust this person and feel totally comfortable.

Finance is certain to influence your decision, but remember that a personal trainer is an investment in your own health and fitness. Whatever your conclusions; nutritional, conditioning and flexibility advice, wrapped up in a professional, motivational and tailored one-to-one service, makes a formidable package.

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