Rehabilitation Training

The Rehabilitation Pathway

Here at the #AFGC studio, I dedicate myself to helping women with recovery of their chronic pain, including back and lower back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain. In order for me to deliver the level of care I pride myself on, it is vital that you understand my rehabilitation pathway.

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of each step in my rehabilitation pathway. 


Full Body Analysis

Your Body Analysis is free and is included in your first rehabilitation training session.

On your arrival, you will be asked a few questions regarding your individual goals and past history which will enable me to create a tailored rehabilitation training program to assist with reaching your recovery and achieve your goals.

If you have previously consulted health professionals regarding your condition or sports injuries, it is vital to disclose this information to me.

Please note, the Full Body Analysis is quite thorough and it is important that we work together at the stage to ensure I can collect all the required information.


Rehabilitation Program

Once the target dysfunction of the body is identified, I will design the most effective, safe and personal rehabilitation program to achieve your desired results.

Usually, if the correct dysfunctional body part is identified, instant measurable results (such as muscle strength, nerve movement, balance and coordination) can be achieved.

I will then show you safe at-home exercises, which you can access from my Video Library.

It is essential to understand the human body works as one entity, areas that may seem unrelated to your painful body part may be the true cause of your pain.



Once the dysfunction of your body has been rehabilitated you will begin to regain full function of your body.

Initially, rehabilitation training sessions will be scheduled quite frequently, on average 2 sessions per week over 3 weeks.

It is important in this phase to realise that, just because you do not experience pain, does not mean your condition has fully resolved. It is common for clients to misinterpret this and re-injure themselves with greater severity.

I will guide you and update you on your recovery progress to ensure you are on track to achieving a full recovery.


Ongoing Care

There is no single cause of a complex condition.

After I have rehabilitated the dysfunction of your body and achieved the best outcome, it is important to continue to ensure your body functions at its best.

There are some factors that may recur and continue to drive the accumulation of body strain that may result in a relapse of your condition.

Therefore, it is important to keep in touch, to ensure these strains do not build up to another relapse of your condition. It is recommended that my clients be reviewed on a regular basis during this phase.

People who have NDIS Self Managed Plan can choose Andi Fitness as rehabilitation. The right pre- and rehabilitation program can help them achieve their individual goals, such as pain-free and improved wellbeing, more community participation, or greater independence.

Benefits of Rehabilitation...

Rehabilitation trainers work with people with different kinds of chronic pain conditions and disabilities that affect their everyday life, movement, including conditions that are life-long or life-limiting. As a Pre & Rehabilitation Trainer, I am trained to build on your strengths and help you function more easily in your environment.

Rehabilitation may help to increase your physical activity levels, build your strength, prevent injury, and improve your social connections. Maybe you’d like to join a sports team or a fitness class but need support to improve your fitness and confidence first.

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