Spine Training

Get in shape & fit with Spine Training

Do you suffer from back pain and disc problems? Spine Training may be just the solution you need.

AFCG Wellness have customised equipment and training to bring fast, effective pain relief .

Spine training is a great way to Change Your Body and have fun.

The primary benefit of my training tends to be a dramatic increase in core strength. This, in turn, will encourage good posture, better spinal alignment and strengthen all your joints. This flows onto increased physical wellbeing and mental balance. This training is often referred to as a full-body workout – all of your joints and muscles are involved and these improve and develop as one.

This training can also help with gaining lean muscle, weight loss, increasing energy levels and improving both mental and physical strength.

Each fundamental training principle acts as a building block towards better health, good posture, self-awareness, steady breathing, a stronger core and establishing the connection between mind and body

You’ll also receive fitness tips, mindset strategies, feedback, expert advice on specific issues, and strategies to overcome any obstacles.

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The AFGC Wellness Studio, offers private sessions in a non-intimidating and professional environment. 

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