Personal Training - rehabilitation

AFGC Wellness offer a range of Personal Training services for rehabilitation. With personalised packages, treatment plans and nutrition, our holistic approach means you will be able to a recover from injuries and/or build your core strength.

What are the Rehabilitation Personal Sessions like?


There is no such thing as one size fits all. That's why before I start working with you, I need to have a thorough understanding of what makes you, you!

Full Body Analysis includes a muscle assessment to test your mobility, movement, strength and muscular power; to identify weak and injured areas; to scan your body (weight, height, BMI, body fat, visceral fat); to discuss your goals, roadblocks, past experience with exercise and any previous injuries or medical conditions; and to give you guidance on nutrition.

One-On-One Rehabilitation Personal Training focuses on your recovery. We can cover overall fitness, strength and functional training using correct techniques to get results and recover from injuries.

Training sessions are adapted to work with our other treatments, creating a holistic approach to improve results without undue stress.

AFGC Wellness Rehabilitation Personal Training sessions are a result of many years of study and experience. Find out what makes us unique today!
Injury preventing

AFGC sessions are a great way to rehabilitate, get fit and stay motivated. All fitness levels welcome.

AFGC training involve a mixture of functional and pilates training, using correct techniques to get results and avoid injuries. The intensity is altered to your individual goals and fitness level so you can get the most out of your training sessions.

Improve the flexibility of your joints and muscles with our sessions.

No Gym Membership

AFGC Wellness Studio have professional equipment available in a personalised setting.

We ensure all clients are well trained and supervised at all times to get the most from your sessions!

100% Tailored Programs

Starting with your Full Body Analysis, AFGC Wellness Studio will tailor your treatment program for maximum, sustainable results.

With over a decade of working with athletes, chronic pain sufferers and more, we can’t wait to have you join the many success stories of AFGC!

All Reviews Are 5 Stars

AFGC Wellness Studio takes our clients’ health and fitness goals seriously. You will love the AFGC studio as it provides you with a constantly varied training program and pushes you to perform at a high level both physically and mentally.

Get fitter, achieve a stronger mind set and and overall improved quality of life.