The AFGC Wellness Studio Story

Owner and director Andrea (Andi) Baumuehlner was originally an engineer by profession. She started work as a Personal and Rehabilitation Trainer after having spine and shoulder problems due to her sedentary lifestyle, exercise mistakes and the effect of three pregnancies on her body’s alignment.

The goal of the AFGC Wellness Studio is to give clients a pain-free, active lifestyle, no matter their age or experience.

AFGC Wellness Studio combine bodyweight exercise and weight training. We use plyometric training, stability equipment, band, pilates mini ball, D-Band, TRX, foam roller for clients to improve their mobility, stability and speed. The AFGC private studio is also equipped with High quality Pilates Equipments, Treadmill and Exercise bike

We have developed safe and effective exercise programs to meet the needs of individual clients while getting the most out of their workouts and avoiding injuries. We use cupping techniques, kinesiology taping, moxibustion and tissue flossing for rehabilitation and performance application. 

Progressive overload is an important principle in our training programs. Without progressive overload you won’t build strength and won’t gain muscle. However, too much overload can lead to under-recovery and injury. The challenge therefore lies in getting the balance right, so that you keep improving without exceeding the body’s capability to recover.

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Andi's Qualifications


Pilates Progression, Advanced 


Dry Needling Course – Advanced Clinical Education


Remedial Massage Therapy – Massage Schools of Queensland

Human Metabolic Types & Nutrition Guidelines, Bodywakes
Professional Massage Therapist, Body Sense Massage School Certificate IV Weight Management, Fit College
Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA)
Dr Robert Schleip – Modern Thorax and Scoliosis Therapy
Ed Paget – Scoliosis Therapy
Dennis Kraus – Pain Physiology
Hot Stone Massage course
Viscelar Manipulation, Oriolus Med
Reformer Pilates, Cadillac and Chair Studio Pilates

Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies BASI Pilates

Meridian Massage Therapy
Eye therapy
FDM Massage

Spine training for bulging disk

Buteyko Breathing

Scoliosis Massage Therapy



Rehabilitation Trainer 
Analyzing Scoliosis
Fascia Autopsy
Fascia PerceptionCo


Certificate IV Personal Training, Fit College
Certificate III Fitness Instructor, Fit College
Rumble Fitness Instructor, Fit College


Pre-/Rehab Trainer, Spine Trainer, Core Stabilisation Trainer
Functional Trainer
Dynamic Yoga Instructor
Dynamic Flossing


Fitness Instructor – Europass, Fitness Academy Stretching & Fascia Release With Foam Roller Aku-Tape, Kinesiology tape, Moxa & Cupping
DBAND Trainer Integral Massage Therapy Course & Fascia Massage
Physio Rehab – Tim Keeley