Neurokinetic Therapy also known as NKT is a method of manual assessment used by rehabilitation therapists to identify the underlying reason and origin of a client’s injury.  It works by connecting with the engine control focal point of the brain called the control centre.

The majority of pain in the musculoskeletal system is brought on by neurologic imbalances in which some muscles are over-stimulated while others are under-stimulated.  For instance, if a knee injury occurs the control centre will overstimulate the surrounding areas of the leg diverting it away from the knee area.  This may enhance further risk of injury.

NKT is perfect for injury conditions that have not responded well to previous treatments

Utilising NKT in my treatment sessions I can treat the injury and customise a rehabilitation/exercise program to regain appropriate movement patterns and rewire the motor control centre.

Benefits of NKT

The Neurokentic Protocol

The NKT protocol aims to emphasise how, on occasion, these muscles require strengthening rather than stretching. We relate muscle tightness or soreness with stretching. Perhaps the muscle is requesting stability through this continuous tightness, and by repeatedly stretching it, you are emphasising the issue.

What I love about NKT is the ability to solve people’s long-standing injuries, aches, and pain and I can incorporate NKT into my other treatment techniques I offer enabling a faster and successful recovery.

There is no need to suffer with muscle soreness or limited movement with my Neurokinetic Therapy.

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