Good Carbs, Bad Carbs


Good Carbs 

  •  Dark leafy greens (all types, such as spinach, kale, lettuce, arugula, purslane, and bok choy)
  •  Onions
  •  Peas
  •  Mushrooms
  •  Asparagus
  •  Artichokes
  •  Peppers (all types)
  •  Cauliflower
  •  Broccoli
  •  Celery
  •  Eggplant
  •  Cabbage
  •  Green beansspouts
  •  Green beans
  •  Garlic
  •  Fennel
  •  Radish
  •  Cucumber
  •  Zucchini
  •  Summer squash
  •  Pumpkin
  •  Sweet potato
  •  Tomatoes

 Bad Carbs

  •  Potatoes 

Fruits (but not too much)

Good Carbs

  •  Berries, such as blueberries, acai, strawberries, and blackberries

Bad Carbs

  •  Dried fruits such as raisins and prunes
  •  Fruit juice
  •  Fruit leather

Grains/Grain Products

Good Carbs

  •  Quinoa
  •  Whole wheat products
  •  White rice served cold
  •  Brown rice
  •  Amaranth
  •  Millet
  •  Sprouted grains
  •  Whole oats
  •  Wheat germ
  •  Buckwheat
  •  Bran
  •  Whole grain or sprouted grain bread products
  •  Whole grain pasta
  •  Low-carb pasta

Bad Carbs

  •  White rice served hot
  •  White flour
  •  White bread
  •  Breakfast cereal
  •  Quick oats
  •  Couscous
  •  Pasta
  •  Baked goods like donuts, cakes, and muffins
  •  Corn
  •  Cream of wheat
  •  Sugar

Nuts/Seeds (but not too much)

Good Carbs

  •  Almonds
  •  Walnuts
  •  Pecans
  •  Brazil nuts
  •  Pine nuts
  •  Chia seeds
  •  Sesame seeds
  •  Sunflower seeds
  •  Macadamia nuts
  •  Flaxseed
  •  Pumpkin seeds
  •  Unsweetened nut butter
  •  Hazelnuts
  •  Tahini

Bad Carbs

  •  Corn nuts
  •  Honey roasted nuts
  •  Nuts with a sweet or candy coating
  •  Sweetened nut butters

Legumes (but Legumes are not so good)

Good Carbs

  •  Peanuts
  •  Cashews
  •  Soybeans
  •  Kidney beans
  •  Lima beans
  •  Peas
  •  Black beans
  •  Chickpeas

Bad Carbs

  •  Sweetened peanut or eashew butter

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