Andi Fitness Gold Coast is Your 1-Stop Health & Fitness Solution

Before working together, my clients go through a full body analysis. Here, posture, structure, endurance, flexibility, mobilisation, stabilisation, strength level and the condition of core muscles are examined. This analysis gives me a clear picture and a better understanding of the direction I am going to take in planning the workout. 

I try to make a connection between my client’s ideas, goals and my offer as it is also important for me to make individual dreams come true. To do this, I use a lot of special tools – machines and stands. I combine functional training, bodyweight exercises and EMS technology, using a wealth of principles and methods. 

I also provide my clients with massage therapy in order to treat their health conditions and chronic pain. For those who want to lose weight or maintain weight loss, I often put together a personalised nutrition plan. 

My clients are provided with a 1-stop health and fitness solution at Andi Fitness Gold Coast. The main idea is to satisfy all the needs of my guests and to help them change and maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Obviously it is very convenient for my clients who maintain fast-paced lifestyles that they get all the services they may need – personal training, rehabilitation training and massage therapy – at my private studio. 

The fitness industry is developing by leaps and bounds every year. Lots of trends, systems, tools, principles are born. This is why I believe in the power of ongoing education. Even in the world of weight training, I can see that a lot of PT’s tend to perform thoughtless exercises. There are things a lot of people don’t pay attention to as they don’t even know that they need to pay attention. 

As the intensity of exercise increases so does the risk of something nasty happening. All exercise involves some increase in stress on the systems of the body, this is what creates the fatigue, which is then ‘repaired and adapted to’ in order for positive progress to be made. 

Because exercise involves introducing some level of stress to cause change, any underlying health issue, or a client’s condition on the day (for example if they are dehydrated, stressed, ill or under-recovered), or a programme that is too hard for the client’s capabilities can be problematic. This is the main reason why I gather sufficient health related information during a full body analysis with every client, so that I am able to act on any unexpected responses that occur in clients during or after exercise.

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