Full Body Analysis

Our comprehensive full body analysis if is free as part of your first session. It is completed by Director and Owner, Andi B.

Utilising techniques and methodologies with proven results, Andi will use this session to identify and isolate areas of concern to prepare your treatment or exercise plan.

This critical and comprehensive report will enable AFGC to combine bodyweight exercise, weight training, core, plyometric and stability training to improve your mobility, stability and speed. 

AFGC Wellness Studio are dedicated to helping you make permanent and lasting lifestyle changes not just affecting your mobility but your life.

Everybody is different – what works for some, won’t work for others. That’s why before we start working with you, we provide you with a one on one Full Body Analysis, as part of your first session.

The AFGC Wellness Full Body Analysis includes a muscle assessment to test your mobility, movement, strength and muscular power. This helps us to identify weak and injured areas. Next we scan your body (weight, height, BMI, body fat, visceral fat), discuss your goals, roadblocks, past experience with exercise and any previous injuries or medical conditions. Your treatment plan may include guidance on nutrition along with massage sessions to maximise our whole-body and multiple treatment approach.

Why wait any longer? The perfect time to start your health and fitness journey is now!