Synergy Stones

SYNERGY STONES are specially shaped stone massage tools that you can heat and then use to give relaxing and therapeutic hot stone massage therapy. We hand make each stone from solid stoneware which a very strong type of ceramic. 

Synergy Stones are the creation of Scott Wynn, LMT of over 25 yrs. He started on his mission to make his job easier in 2004. Over many years he sculpted and vigorously tested over 100 specialized shapes. Along the journey, he perfected the 5 that exceeded his expectations and trademarked them “SYNERGY STONES”. He immediately realized the opportunity to share his creations and enhance others lives. He and his family have since been hand making them for thousands of others around the world.

SYNERGY STONES are specially shaped, hand made massage ceramic tools.Synergy Stones Massage Therapy is a relaxing and therapeutic hot stone massage therapy. This Multi-Sensational Experience works to Soothe, Knead and Sculpt the body into a deeper state of relaxation.


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