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AFGC Wellness Studio aims to teach you the functional elements of stretching and how proper technique can help your whole body feel better.

Stretches for the entire body will be explored and experienced from an integrated approach with your treatment plan.

The outcome of this experience will be a better understanding of body, fascia, and overall human function as it pertains to stretching and what it feels like to move freely in your every day life.

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If you are experiencing chronic pain caused by sensitivity and tightness in your muscles, you may be experiencing something called myofascial facia. This describes the tissues surrounding your muscles throughout the body and are sometimes referred to as trigger points.

Using specialised techniques to target different trigger points along with working with a broad area of muscle and tissue, AFGC Wellness can help bring myofascial relief for your chronic pain.

You will learn:

Benefits Include:

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Contact me to learn how you can achieve your fitness goals, whether this be strength, weight loss, cardio, weight gain or nutritional guidance. The AFGC Wellness Studio is located in Mermaid Waters and offers private sessions in a non-intimidating and professional environment. The studio is fitted with professional gym equipment.

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